When I red a book entitled Dewa Ruci: Pelayaran Pertama Menaklukkan Tujuh Samudra by Cornelis Kowaas. One of the chapters told about the glorious of Banda, Maluku. Marvelous! When I red this book, I just realized that in the past centuries, Banda was struggled by Netherlands and England. Indeed, “Banda’s enchantment” competed with New York

The Legendary Track of Bogor-Sukabumi-Lampegan-Cianjur In the Indische colonial era, Bogor-Sukabumi-Cianjur railways are used for shipping service of crops like sugar cane, rubber, quinine, tea and coffee to Batavia (Jakarta, Tanjung Priok port). During this heritage tour, the participants can learn about the history of railway station building which becomes the heritage assets of Indonesian