Marhaban Ya Ramadhan, sebuah bulan suci bagi umat Islam telah hadir kembali di tahun 2017 atau Ramadan di tahun 1438 H. Ramadhan bagi umat Islam adalah sarana mengembalikan kembali fitrah manusia ke jalannya sehingga menjadi manusia yang seutuhnya di Jalan Allah SWT. Ramadhan tahun ini Campa Tour sebagai satu satunya Historical tour Indonesia menyuguhkan untuk

Lasem which is usually called “Little Chinese” has many historical heritage that make people interested to visit. As the nickname, the treasure of Lasem contains historical that need to dig up to find out the privilege things. Lasem, the part of sub-districts in Rembang hides the eternal curse which accidentally make this place well-known. Many

[:en] In the modern era, people want to be avowed his/ her existence. Nowadays, technology is the key to acquire the self-existentialism from others. Many people think about the more sophisticated technology they have the more they gain the social avowed. It may happen to almost people. However, who knows that there are group of people