The Exquisiteness of Lasem Curse

Lasem which is usually called “Little Chinese” has many historical heritage that make people interested to visit. As the nickname, the treasure of Lasem contains historical that need to dig up to find out the privilege things. Lasem, the part of sub-districts in Rembang hides the eternal curse which accidentally make this place well-known. Many people visit this place because of the curiosity to know the history that wrap up in Lasem.

The history of eternal curse began with a Chinese family. Once upon a time, there was a man called Mr. Han Wee Sing, the head of family. He had a beautiful wife and five sons. They were the wealthy family who lived in Lasem. Mr. Han was kindhearted, lovely and generous. He always gave advices to his sons but they were not obey. Two of his sons, Han Te Su and Han Te Ngo, wasted the wealth by gambling, dissipated and playing woman. This condition made Mr. Han fell down. The worse thing happened to him when his wife was passed away and left him forever. It made Mr. Han in a vain and desperation. His two sons did not aware with the situation. The fortune soon ran out. Han’s family fell into poverty.

A year later after his wife was passed away, Mr. Han was passed away. He could not bear the suffering. In the grief day, when Mr. Han would be buried, his sons did not have money to do that. The neighbors collect the money for this family. Unfortunately, the money that they got was used by Han Te Su and Han Te Ngo to dissipate. One day, Mr.Han’s sons tried to wrap the corpses and buried it. In the way to the grave, the heavy rain and thunder were coming. Therefore, the people and the sons left the chest just like that. When the condition was normal, there was mound of grave that surprised people around the location. What a mystic! Suddenly, there was a voice that said about the curse for Han’s family not to live in Lasem. If they were not obeyed, they will suffer and live in poverty. After the tragedy, Mr. Han’s son left Lasem and lived scattered in the capital city included Surabaya, East Java.

Nowadays, the story becomes kind of urban legend that make tourist interested to visit Lasem. People who visit Lasem curious to know the grave. The mystical thing of the grave is the reason why people want to visit it. So, don’t you curious to see the legendary grave of Mr. Han?

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