Goa Tanding: New Experience in the Belly of the Earth, harga tiket, fasilitas, dan rute

Gunungkidul is the most popular region in Yogyakarta which is associated with tourist-hunting-decision. There are many tourism objects that you can plan for the holiday. Even domestic or foreigner tourist thronged in Gunungkidul to enjoy the leisure time. The new one that belong to Gunungkidul is Goa Tanding or Tanding Cave. Goa Tanding is new destination to feel the sensation of the belly of the earth. Goa Tanding is located in the Gelaran 2 village, Bejiharjo, Karangmojo, Gunungkidul. To visit Goa Tanding, it needs 1.5 until 2 hours from Yogyakarta city. This cave is close to Goa Pindul which is more popular first. However, both caves are complete each other to welcome the tourist in the holiday or leisure time.

The name of “Tanding” for Goa Tanding means counterpart. Therefore, people consider that this cave is found to counterpart the popularization of Goa Pindul. However, it comes from the name of a man who invents the cave, Mr. Harto Tanding. At the beginning, Mr. Harto Tanding just want to dig a well but after few meters deep he dug there is underground cave. He did not suppose that linggis (crowbar), the tool he used to dig the ground, break through the belly of the earth. Goa Tanding has 4 meters water depth and 5-16 meters above water cave level. Meanwhile, this cave has 4-9 meters width for about 460 meters length to fringe its surround. The stalactites and stalagmites of the cave are various that make the interior awesome. After Goa Tanding is officially open for tourism destination, there builds entrance gate about 100 meters.

In Goa Tanding, there is little bit different from Goa Pindul.  The tourist will fringe Goa Pindul through rubber tire which called cave tubing. Meanwhile, to fringe around Goa Tanding the tourist will be served the inflatable boat which called cave boating. The inflatable boat is enough for 6 passengers with the tour guide. During you are in cave boating, the exotic golden stalactites and stalagmites can make you breathtaking. Plan your holiday to Goa Tanding and get the experience in the belly of the earth. The unexpected traveling!

Source: http://www.gunungkidulku.com/2016/06/asal-muasal-goa-tanding-wisata-terbaru.html

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