Taman Nasional Komodo menyimpan banyak spot wisata andalan bagi para wisatawan yang berkunjung. Ada beberapa spot wisata andalan Taman Nasional Komodo dengam total luas area mencapai 1.817 km persegi. Keindahan Taman Nasional Komodo telah sangat terkenal baik itu di dalam negeri maupun di luar negeri. Taman Nasional Komodo sendiri merupakan kumpulan banyak pulau namun 3

The Legendary Track of Bogor-Sukabumi-Lampegan-Cianjur In the Indische colonial era, Bogor-Sukabumi-Cianjur railways are used for shipping service of crops like sugar cane, rubber, quinine, tea and coffee to Batavia (Jakarta, Tanjung Priok port). During this heritage tour, the participants can learn about the history of railway station building which becomes the heritage assets of Indonesian

Gunungkidul is the most popular region in Yogyakarta which is associated with tourist-hunting-decision. There are many tourism objects that you can plan for the holiday. Even domestic or foreigner tourist thronged in Gunungkidul to enjoy the leisure time. The new one that belong to Gunungkidul is Goa Tanding or Tanding Cave. Goa Tanding is new destination