Kraton Yogyakarta: Bridging Between Faith and Culture, harga tiket, fasilitas, dan rute

Yogyakarta is the place which has known as the city of culture. There are many cultural heritages that bind this city. One of them is Kraton Yogyakarta or Sultan Palace. Kraton Yogyakarta is the royal palace where Sultan (or King) dwelled with the family. This palace is full of sultanete’s artefacts which display on the museum, the gamelan, the palace heirloom replica and the gifts from European Kings. The museum becomes the Javanese’s cultural center. Both domestic and foreign tourist are interested to visit this palace. Kraton Yogyakarta contains the history and cultural heritage that make the tourist interested to know more. The tourist can enjoy the travel about the Javanese’s cultural assets.

Javanese people believe that Kraton Yogyakarta gained more than it. This palace serves the faith that tighten with cultural. It appears on its spatial arrangement such as the architecture, the cityscape of Yogyakarta in the old era, the directions of the palace, and all the objects in Kraton. Those are fit in Javanese belief systems and mythological value. The form of the old city creates a straight line from Yogyakarta landmark Monument or popular as Tugu Jogja, Kraton, Merapi Mountain, and Panggung Krapyak. The straight line means “the origin of human being and the last purpose” (sangkan paraning dumadi in Javanese). The Krapyak’s road along to Kraton symbolizes the first creation stage to adulthood men. Then, from Tugu to Kraton represents the final life of human being and meet with the Creator. Meanwhile, the seven gates of Gladhag to Donopratopo symbolize the seven steps go to Heaven.

To know more about the Javanese belief system and its culture, plan your vacation to visit Kraton Yogyakarta. See the wonderful sultanete’s artefacts collection and find your path to close to the Creator.

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